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Transforment Services


Forgive the cliché, but we believe that people are your biggest, and sometimes only real asset. They can also be your biggest source of criticism if they are not engaged, led, developed or recognised in the right way. By helping design, develop and implement organisational development initiatives, we help to improve the external reputation of organisations.

Our specialist areas are:

Culture, Values & Behaviours
Employee Engagement
Future Leaders
HR Team Transformation
Talent Identification & Development
Employee Experience
Recognition Schemes
Strategic Workforce Planning


From 2 - 20 people or a whole organisation, we can provide a facilitator to help get teams from A-B, Zero–Hero or even iron out some kinks! As expert facilitators, we will utilise the right methods, tools, techniques and equipment to ensure all participants have a voice. We add balance of direction vs support and ensure that desired outcomes are achieved.

Here are four examples of the types of team facilitation we provide:

Barrier Buster

When a business problem, issue or challenge needs a solution, we believe more heads are better than one. We bring cross-functional teams together to:
- Work through an issue / problem
- Explore solutions
- Achieve agreement on next steps

Swift Start-Up

When new teams are pulled together for projects or matrix working, they often need to start working and achieving outcomes quickly. Whether run over a whole day or just a few hours, we can ensure they start as they mean to go on, working well together

Better Together

Sometimes teams aren’t firing on all cylinders or there are personality clashes that are impeding business success. We help teams understand each other’s styles (utilising personal & team profiles) and ways of working – helping them agree how to work better together

Journey Mapping

All businesses know how important the user-experience journey is to engage and retain customers. We work with teams looking to create or improve the experience, using visual tools to map every element of the journey. HR People - this works brilliantly for mapping out the ideal employee experience!


As part of a larger development programme or as a tool on its own, investing in coaching can be the silver bullet to improve individual performance. As qualified and experienced coaches, we’re at our best when we are working with people on their career journey from middle-management to organisational leadership.

Here are some examples of where our coaching sweet spots are:

"Second in Command"

We love to work with people who report into the Executive C-Suite who have critical roles translating the strategy and making sure operational plans are delivered

We can help them straddle the strategy and operational gap, manage upwards as well as cross-functionally and really lead their teams

Female Leaders

We are passionate about ensuring that female leaders are developed both in their current roles and are getting ready for future big roles. Having been the only female at the leadership table in many situations, we have first-hand experience

Often in the minority, with few role models or peers, we can help female leaders face challenges head-on, navigate career paths and ensure they are on track to become the role models of the future

High Potentials*

We think it's great to see talent bloom, embark on a leadership journey and set your people up for future success

With career paths to your next "second in commands", we can help your high potential people get ready for the challenge of leadership

*If you're not sure who your high potentials are, we can help you identify them too